Fantastic Planet

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Latest Project…


I recently set myself the challenge of re-animating a brand-new version of the 1973 Czech animated masterpiece, “Fantastic Planet”, one episode at a time. So far, this has been one of the most challenging and technical projects I have ever undertaken but now Episode One is finally complete, all I have to do is make Episode Two – this is where you come in… But, before we go any further, below you will find, “Fantastic Planet – Episode One – A Fresh Start”, to give you an idea of the look and feel for the entire project. BE WARNED! True to the original, this animation contains adult themes…


How it will work

I estimate that each new episode will take three months to complete, and I plan on telling this awesome tale in 12 x three-minute episodes by running a new Kickstarter campaign in the month leading up to each new release and working on an episode by episode basis.


I’m offering many exciting and unique rewards related to the project so hopefully, there’s something here for everyone…

The Plot

The original, feature-length, animation (directed by René Laloux and designed by Roland Topor), places the human race on a planet where scale is turned on its head. Where intelligent, but dangerously enormous, blue inhabitants, dominate and subjugate their humans neighbours purely because of an unwillingness to accept that something so small, could be in any way significant.
René Laloux and Roland Topor's, Fantastic Planet, 1973

René Laloux and Roland Topor’s, Fantastic Planet, 1973

Laloux and Topor make the perfect partnership, creating a parallel world, its beauty and brutality set within their surrealist vision, pushing the boundaries of ‘acceptable’ animation and accompanied by a monumentally cool soundtrack. So, why re-make a piece of cinematic history?


Well, this is a great story with a powerful message that I believe deserves a second airing. Although the original film was visually spectacular, the 1970’s style animation is outdated and fails to connect with a modern audience.

School Bully

School Bully

I personally love the traditional style of animation and aim to pay it homage by retaining the surreal quality of the landscapes, and the unnerving atmosphere of the original, but I want to modernise the story, tighten up the script and re-animate the entire film in three dimensions.
Tiva - Coming of Age

Tiva – Coming of Age


Music plays a major role in the original and it will also play a major role in the re-make. For this reason, I’ve teamed up with Techno and Hip-Hop legend, Jon Nuccle (Krimewave), who has created a soundtrack that sympathetically echoes the ambiance of the original, but transports us to strange and dark new places…

Risks and challenges

The major risk is that the project goal is unachievable, i.e. that it will take longer or cost more than anticipated. To counteract this, I have already completed Episode One, partly to give you a look and feel for the finished article, but partly also to see if it would even be possible on my own. Turns out, it took six months to produce three minutes of animation. However, much of that time was spent creating and sourcing a database of textures, models and sets so thankfully, the bones of the planet are in place and ready to be used on subsequent episodes.
Creating the pilot has given me an accurate understanding of the time-frame required and the cost needed to produce each episode, but it has also revealed that my computer is not really up to the job, so a portion of the funds will pay for a new system which will dramatically speed up production time.
Throughout this process I have developed a massive respect for these pioneers of animation and, as an artist you’ve probably never heard of before, the only way for me to demonstrate my credentials for the task at hand is to let you see for yourselves. So, if you haven’t already watched “Fantastic Planet, Episode One – A Fresh Start”; please go check it out now.
Also, I’ll be working hard to make sure all rewards arrive on time (physical delivery of rewards estimated June, 2016).
I hope I’ve managed to convince you I have what it takes to pull off this monumental task. I also hope you want to see more and are excited at the prospect of being part of this unique and ground-breaking project. So, for the love of independent animation… please be generous with your contribution