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OXYOPIA; An extremely heightened acuteness of the eyesight resulting from increased sensibility of the retina

MICU site backgroundTitle music Copyright © Bumper Doll 2012.Bumper Doll on Soundcloud. Visit the MICU website
MICU has been featured in the Guardian (twice) and once in the Lancaster Guardian. MICU has also been featured on the front page of Break.com and Newgrounds.com. With four episodes in, and another 20 episodes on the horizon, keep your eyes peeled for lots more MICU in 2016.
Watch the episodes…

Episode One – Will MICU ever wake up?

Episode Two – Fun-loving MICU is appalled by a bad-mannered fish.

Episode Three – Will MICU ever come down?

Episode Four – MICU comes under fire from those pesky PETA supporters.

Film Stills
Trouble In Paradise The_Avenger_background The Butterfly Effect PETA Protest - The Family MICU title frame Micu Rising MICU restraint fail MICU PETA Protest - Paint Facial Equilibrium_background Equilibrium