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OXYOPIA is home to artist and film-maker, Benjamin Oliver.

OXYOPIA; An extremely heightened acuteness of the eyesight resulting from increased sensitivity of the retina.

Benjamin Oliver

Mr Oliver

Studied art foundation at Jacob Kramer (Leeds) followed by a degree in Sculpture at the Brighton Faculty of Art. Once there, he discovered film-making and a combination of the two set him on his career path to date. : Back in Leeds in ‘91, Oliver began producing surreal films for some of the most debauched clubs in the North of England; Frottage Cottage, The Kit Kat Club, Vague, The Faversham, Mantos and The Paradise Factory.
“For me, a nightclub was akin to an art gallery. Each week I had the opportunity to exhibit new works on enormous walls and to a massive audience. I was in heaven”.
Joining forces with Manchester based performance artist, The Divine David, Oliver produced films that won them both national attention and a stream of TV production company commissions with Channel 4, and Channel 5.
From 2000 – Present,Oliver has combined his love of film-making with his love of music, producing and directing videos for solo artists, bands and music festivals. See music video portfolio.
Between May and July 2019, Oliver presented a three month, solo exhibition of his artworks and visuals, at The Ashton Memorial, Williamson Park Lancaster. See: exhibitions. : A solid understanding of high-impact visuals, combined with traditional and cutting edge technology, helps Oliver produce some of the most spectacular and outlandish visuals of our time.
Benjamin Oliver is available for exhibitions and commissions. You can contact him here Contact Benjamin Oliver
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